Ways to supplement your income. - STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION - PLEASE EXCUSE THE MESS!


I created Rewards Resource to share with my friends and family how I make money from home. There are no get rich quick schemes here. Most of the sites here I use on a regular basis. If I don’t use them, then I have investigated their legitimacy. I have even placed a section where you can ask me to investigate work at home sites/companies for you.

When my health started to decline and I found myself no longer able to continue working outside my home, I needed to find a way to keep busy and still contribute something financially to our household. My husband chuckles when I get excited about $20 in savings from coupons or a check I got for $32.86 from reading emails and watching videos on a website. He may chuckle but he also knows I am contributing to our bottom line! Periodically a website would auto post to Facebook and friends or family would ask about the post. I got tired of repeating myself so I decided this website would be the answer to all those questions about how I make money at home! Not everything I do is a direct deposit into our bank account. Some of what I do is using coupons or taking advantage of discounts on items we already purchase. Either way it contributes to our bottom line at the end of the month.